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This is a dark world where good webdesign is as scarce as hen´s teeth. But fear not, new heroes have emerged to put an end to this corrupted world of poor user experience and foul designs. The Face It team brings with them a hope of bright colors and technical prowess to whoever is in need.

Let us help put an end to your website's gloomy and average design. Make the right impression to your visitors and increase your conversions.

The task ahead of us is a difficult one, but we can conquer it if we Face It together.

About Us

We do

  • love webdesign
  • enjoy making illustrations
  • handle Flash (AS, animations, ...)
  • make short videos, intros, ...
  • build corporate identity
  • create logotypes, banners, ...
  • code in (X)HTML & CSS
  • program administration systems
  • provide white label services

We Do Not

  • do DTP, print, ...
  • program e-shops, ...
  • develop RIA, ...
  • do 3D modelling
  • provide expert SEO or SEM
  • postpone deadlines
  • deliver unfinished work
  • spread swine flu
  • test our design work on animals


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